Ph.D. Thesis Defended Successfully

Last friday I defended my Ph.D. thesis successfully, it is now finally over

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Edit (2024-07-03): The thesis has now been published and is available here (Open Access).

After almost 2 years since the submission of my Ph.D. thesis, I finally could defend it successfully last Friday (May 3, 2024). It has been a long journey, exactly 9 years since the initial acceptance on May 3, 2015. The road has been bumpy, especially since I had to juggle my job with the work I was doing on the side for the thesis, but in the end I think it was well worth it. I learned a ton, especially in the field of scientific visualization, which was completely new to me. I will share the author’s copy of my thesis shortly.

I even got two Ph.D. hats, one from each research group (Gaia and Visual Computing) I’m part of. I accepted them with great honor and happiness.

The Ph.D. hats I was gifted by my colleagues from ARI (Gaia, Jasmine and Digital Twins groups), left, and from the IWR (Visual Computing group), right.

The dissertation has been published at the document server of Heidelberg University Library, and is Open Access:

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