Performance analysis of Java loop variants
Trying out Sway and Wayland
Procedural generation of planetary surfaces
Git bisect
Semantic commit messages
Viltrox EF-FX1 lens adapter review
HTML lazy image loading
Use Syncthing to synchronize your files
Fujifilm X-S10: first impressions
Upgrade your old RSA SSH key to Ed25519
Create your static photo gallery with thumbsup
Searx: moving away from DuckDuckGo
My Linux setup (as of 11/2021)
Variable stars and new render systems
You (probably) don't need a display manager
Implementing a CHIP-8 emulator
What's new in Gaia Sky 3.1
GNU screen cheatsheet
QNAP meltdown: Qlocker
CHIP-8 virtual machine specification
CPU core load graph script for your bar
Static search for your website
Raspberry Pi 4: First impressions
Gaia Sky 3 tutorial for complete beginners
Gaia Sky 3
CSS prefers-color-scheme to implement a dark theme
Map Wacom tablet to a single display
Using Gaia Sky data to mimic astrophoto
Memory mapped files in Rust
NAS review: QNAP TS-351-2G
My old blog
Run a command when files change
Mouseless Rust
Transmission, a CLI torrent manager
A few words about MPD
Bye bye Twitter (almost)
Particle Physics Simulator available on F-Droid
Out for a couple of months
Use smartphone as a webcam
Arch with LVM on LUKS
Tor with qutebrowser
My experience with
Gaia Sky 2.2.0
Learning ncurses
Scripting Gaia Sky
New simpler design
My Linux setup (as of 10/2020)
Keyframe-based camera paths
System monitoring polybar modules
Sharing my dotfiles
Moving Gaia Sky to GitLab
Gaia Sky jumbo summer release 1.5.0
New release of Gaia Sky
Moving to Hugo
Gaia Sky in APOD
Gaia videos
First version of Gaia Sky released in conjunction with …
Gaia Sky hits version 0.800b
Gaia Sky is Gaia Image of the Week
Gaia Sandbox version 0.704b
Gaia Sandbox goes public
Review of Particle Physics Simulator
Messing around with HTML5
Photos of Nepal
From Slick to Libgdx
New web design
RTS engine preview
Released version 3.6
Particles of different sizes in v3.5
Load/save feature in version 3.4
Friction added in version 3.3
Bug fixes and more in 3.2.4
Version 3.2 out now
Particle Physics Simulator 3.1.4 in action
We have a mobile version!
Particle Physics Simulator 3.1 just released
Particle-Mesh force calculator
Particle Physics Simulator videos
Astronomy Cast, just had to tell you about it
Released version 2.6 of Particle Physics Simulator for …
New version 2.5.5 of Particle Physics Simulator out
Hello world
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